Just a few of the typical comments we regularly receive:

"The ports of call were exactly what we expected. Beautiful beaches, and reasonable excursions. Our favorite by far was the Segway tour of Nassau. Their guides were hilarious, professional, and made sure that safety was the #1 priority. They took the time to explain the various points of interest, and seemed very proud of their island. I highly recommend this excursion. They were really great. And it's only 2 hours, so you don't lose the whole day."

"The tour was a total blast. The Segways are very easy to use and we all mastered them in 10-15 minutes of practice... We would definitely recommend this tour."

"Two Words - Fun n Awesome!"

"Nassau segway is great We just got back from 3 day Majesty cruise and did the Segway tour in Nassau. We had such a great time. It is worth every penny. Highly recommend this tour-one of the best of all we have ever done."

"If you ever get a chance to do the Segway tour in Nassau, DO IT! It takes 10 minutes of instruction to learn how to drive it, plus another 10 of practicing..."

"It's a BLAST! You feel like a robot on the move. And no matter how far you lean forward or backwards, the gyros in it will not let it fall over. 2 thumbs-up. WAY UP."

"I second everything he says about the Segways! They were so easy to use and very fun! Definitely would do this one again!"