Great beach just a mile towards the cruise
ship port from our location


Junkanoo Beach


Junkanoo Beach

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We are delighted to have you join us on our wonderful Nassau Segway Beach and Waterfront Tour. Here are a few things to know that will help you more thoroughly enjoy your experience.

The tour starts from our home base, located right behind the Cricket Club on Bay Street (just across from “The Fish Fry”) at the western edge of downtown Nassau. We headquarter out of a white 40 foot shipping container, with a white and green awning. If you are looking, you can't miss it.

The tour cost is $75.00 per person and it lasts a bit over an hour and a half, including your orientation and training, which takes about fifteen minutes. Yes, Segways really are incredibly easy to learn to operate for young and old alike. As usual, kids take to it like a "duck to water". We have a ten year old age minimum, more because of the maturity it takes to operate the Segway in a group setting than children's ability to actually handle the Segway. We do not have a maximum age and have given tours to guests in their 90's, but please be aware, though not common, falls do occur and while everybody wears elbow and knee pads, we do not offer any hip protection.

Regarding weight, because the Segway's stopping and forward motion and is controlled by shifting your weight towards the front or rear of the Segway, we require a minimum guest weight of 80lbs to adequately control the Segway. For both guest and guide safety, we have a maximum weight of 280lbs. Because some of our guides are smaller gals and occasionally they are required to do a quick grab of you or the Segway if you get in a difficult situation, we do ask that you refrain from taking the tour if you are heavier than 280lbs.

While we make a couple of stops, you should be comfortable being on your feet for at least an hour. Plenty of people with less than full mobility have taken the tour with us and had a ball; but again, you need to be comfortable standing and equally important, getting on and off the Segway. We use the "off road" version of the Segways for this tour and the platform is about eight inches above the ground. While not at all difficult, it does take a certain amount of agility to get on and off the Segway.

For both comfort and safety, you will want to wear low-heeled shoes. Closed toe shoes are recommended, but certainly not mandatory. Flip-flops are ok, but not the best. Also, the sun here can be brutal; you really should put on sunscreen and bring some extra to use during the tour.

NO, they do not dye the water, IT REALLY IS THAT BLUE. I come from Minnesota, where the license plates say "Land of 10.000 Lakes", so trust me I have seen a lot of water and this is truly the bluest water I have ever seen. If you bring a swim suit and towel, our home-base is located right next to some of the best beaches on the island. The beach right next door is pretty deserted (see top photo on left) and just on the other side of the fence from that beach is Junkanoo Beach (see photos on left) where they have changing rooms and bathrooms. They also rent beach chairs and sell cocktails and food. 

We provide free transportation for cruise ship passengers and hotel guests staying within Downtown.